Welcome to SoulPlay

Do you want your personal and professional life to be less like work and more like play? Do you want to be a creative force in your own right? Do you want more ease, energy and joy in your life and work?

SoulPlay is a place where therapists, spiritual leaders/clergy and other helping professionals can learn to access the wisdom of their bodies for their own personal and professional development.

SoulPlay founder CathyAnn Beaty facilitates consultation groups, workshops, classes and one to one focus sessions for helping professionals who want and need to move, to be affirmed and supported in their work and to have fun doing it. CathyAnn uses the InterPlay (interplay.org) technique to facilitate her clients in gaining more ease, creativity and peace in their life and work. They discover that often times “playing with” an issue can be more effective and less painful than “working on” it.

Soul Play Logo SoulPlay also offers a variety of other classes and workshops for those who want to learn InterPlay and use it as a personal practice, as a performance form, or for leadership and community development.

Hallmarks of CathyAnn’s work include increased self confidence and spontaneity,deeper trust in body and intuition, integration of body, mind and soul, a greater experience of embodied presence with clients, and more fun and satisfaction in daily life. Those who are drawn to CathyAnn’s work want to remember how to play, have a desire for a full and healthy life and have willingness to learn.